Single Family House refurbishment in Collserola

La Floresta, Sant Cugat


75 m²

Private client

Photography: Andrés Flajszer

How can one grow within their own limits? The project expands the interior space of a single-family cottage by reclaiming the attic and incorporating it into the living space. The renovation of this little dwelling conceptually presents open and spacious areas, recognizing the luxury of enjoying generous ceiling heights.

The plot where the project is located is situated in a low-density residential area within the Collserola Natural Park, characterized by a steep slope divided into three terraces. The original house, dating back to 1948, is positioned on the intermediate platform and is organized on a single level with an attic space beneath the gabled roof. The floor plan is rectangular, divided into two bays, and includes a small annex in the southwest bay.

The intervention respects the original typology, preserving the two initial bays and organizing the program accordingly. Thus, the living room, kitchen, and dining area are located in the southwest bay, open to the views. . The attic space, transformed into a loft, is integrated into this area, providing a double-height space in the living room and a cozy space above the entrance and dining area. In the northeast bay, two bedrooms with lofts are arranged, with circulation paths defined by a system of cabinets. Attached to this second area is a new annex, similar to the original, which houses the bathroom.

The entire intervention is resolved with a lightweight wooden structure that allows for a dual reading, differentiating the new from the existing while integrating them simultaneously. The new structure serves to stabilize and reinforce the original construction while providing loft spaces and habitable features.

The renovation enhances the bioclimatic performance of the house, making it habitable once again and adapting it to the client’s needs while preserving the traditional typology of Collserola dwellings.